About us

We help small, medium and large companies achieve their business goals

We offer a full range of online marketing solutions 

and a complex strategy

What makes us different?

We offer you complex marketing strategy and complete realization too. This can be, for example, social media management, advertising management, or even complete marketing, you can rely on us, we will take the burden off you.

Our team of online experts and digital marketing specialists offers our clients years of experience, an entrepreneurial approach, commitment and, last but not least, measurable results.

Even the best product or service only generates sales if it reaches the customer……

Competitive advantage over the competitors

We develop the most effective combination of online marketing tools to meet our clients’ needs

Development of websites and webshops

WordPress is currently the most popular content management system. According to recent surveys, more than 30% of all websites worldwide are WordPress-based, and this percentage is constantly increasing. We also use WordPress to create modern and mobile-friendly (responsive, responsive) websites. Whether it’s an introduction page, a sales page, a landing page or a webshop, leave it to us! We will turn your ideas into reality.

Google Ads Campaign Management

Potential customers use Google search, you absolutely have to reach them! In Google Ads campaigns, we distinguish between search (keyword), display (image, Gmail), shopping and video (YouTube) campaigns. Of course, they are all part of our digital marketing arsenal.

Create videos and animated movies

With creative, unique videos, you can conquer social media in no time. With the help of individually animated videos, even more complex processes can be easily understood by your customers.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, WhatsApp and other social platforms are used by 90% of the population of the world, who spend on average almost 1.5 hours scrolling through their newsfeed. We show you the right and working methods to find potential customers on social media and get in touch with them. We manage your social media presence and your advertising campaigns.

Email marketing

It is still one of the most effective and in the long run the cheapest online marketing tool. Your Facebook account can be disabled, Google ads can become drastically more expensive, but you will always have your email database and you can use it whenever you want.

SEO analysis

During the SEO audit, we collect all available data relevant to your website’s SEO performance and look for weaknesses and areas for improvement.

Our mission

Lack of staff, lack of time, poor or non-existent business processes, hectic pace, dissatisfied employees and customers? Does this sound familiar to you?

We have seen many of our clients face these and similar challenges.

We do not promise that we can solve all your problems, but if you are looking for a reliable and professional strategic partner, who:

 – helps you to look at your situation with an external, objective view

 – assists you in identifying the most important processes to be improved, and

 – above all, performs the tasks assigned to him independently and professionally

 then turn to us with confidence!

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+36 20 519 0305

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+36 20 519 0305

Our customer

We work with a wide range of clients from all areas of business. Some of them are as follows:.

Starkl kertészet


Vasi hegyhát – rábamente


Arasz Informatikai kft


POlmar kéményhuzat szabályzó


Silver Dent fogászat


Dresspack.hu webáruház


we know that there are completely different possibilities for a small company and a large company. That is why we always adjust the prices of our services to the needs and possibilities of our clients

3 month Instalments

Advanced package

   Be transparent to your target market

  • Social media management
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads campaigns
  • Remarketing campaigns
Professional Package

Be ahead of your competitors

  • We give you our best knowledge
  •  We offer the full range of online marketing tools


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+36 20 519 0305

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